Online Gaming Growth

Online Gaming Growth

Online Gaming Growth in and around the Gaming Industry has not stopped turning the wheels and shows absolutely no signs of doing so as the Industry reaches players further afield with growing technology that runs with it.

By the end of 2017, it was reported that some 2.2 billion players will have generated over 100 Billion Dollars in the gaming Industry.

Video Games Retail Display by Coolcaesar split the sectors into areas which are boxed/downloadable PC, browser PC, tablet, smartphone, and console. The biggest growth expected to come in the smartphone category, with a rise of 11% in its market share by 2020. Mobile gaming giants in China are the reason behind that global growth.

Interestingly enough in Europe the age of gamers was thought to be 18-24, but the latest figures are showing an increased amount of gaming amongst the older demographic and what is even more interesting is the amount of time the different age groups spend playing.

It has also been very interested to note that amongst its core audience of players aged between ages 18-24 increased the use of smartphone and tablets between 2012 and 2016 from 27% to 40%.

The European online gambling and betting market is also thriving and according to the EGBA (European Gambling & Betting Association), represents almost half the global market which is still growing in spite of the new regulations that have come into force.

Online gambling’s gross gaming revenue without winnings is expected to rise from €16.5 billion which was recorded in 2015 to €24.9 billion in 2020. The demographic for online playing seems to attract the younger generation as they are drawn to this sector due to convenience and the variety of games offered. Operators such as SlotsMillion offer a large variety of slot titles depicting pop culture icons to History and even Fairy Tale games.

Across Europe, it is clear to see that online gaming is at a very healthy point in its history with a very good growth pattern that will see the increase at this pint up to 2020. There will however always be new innovations, trends and technology which will also bring in and increase to the current figures – as long as there is a convenient option with plenty of choices, gamers are going to play.