Party Poker advocates Transparency

Party Poker advocates Transparency

Party Poker advocates Transparency for a number of reasons going beyond just having Players online. This they believe is absolutely necessary due to the vast difference there is between Online Poker Sites available.

A huge number of Operators who are part of public traded companies and therefore held accountable to their investors. Taking into account that investors also include customers makes transparency a requirement. Issues arising due to customer satisfaction or technology have to be taken seriously, addressed and resolved.

Sadly independent private companies are not required by law to have these transparencies in place. Having said that, operators wanting to survive in such a competitive industry certainly need some type of transparency on the table to prove their trustworthiness. One would imagine that they in fact should aspire to ally themselves with their customers. Striving for the highest levels of reliability is what can keep you in the game.

PartyPoker and Americas Cardroom

Over the past week, two online poker sites were victims of DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks. Hackers of unknown origins attacked the baseline systems of PartyPoker and Americas Cardroom. These incidents were separate attacks, presumably to disrupt their services. It however put their customers in danger of theft of private information, inconvenience, and financial losses of varying degrees.

On a Thursday night, a couple thousand players are likely to be at the cash game and tournament tables of PartyPoker. The evening hours are the busiest depending on events and satellites being offered. There could be anywhere from 1,000 to 2,500 players on the site at that time. Last Thursday night, players were booted from PartyPoker without warning. Games stopped, players were unable to make any moves, including accessing their accounts.

This kind of interruption is taken very seriously by Party Poker. It is with this in mind that the safety features they have in place along with the Transparency they advocate is also such a necessity for customers.