Trevor Noah Invested Bitcoin Revolution Wealth

Trevor Noah Invested Bitcoin Revolution Wealth

Trevor Noah Invested Bitcoin Revolution Wealth as reported in South African born Trevor Noah used his massive rise to fame as a platform to give back to his fellow South Africans. His $25million (R340million) investment into a wealth system called Bitcoin Revolution is making average South Africans rich, very fast.

He announced his retirement from TV and explained his investment during a special segment of The Daily Show last week. American audiences were disappointed to hear that the wealth system would only be made available to South Africans. However they respected the fact that he was giving back to the people who made him who he is today.

The system, called Bitcoin Revolution, is an automated trading platform that takes the risk and complexity out of trading the currency (Cryptocurrency). The user makes an initial deposit into the platform (R3000) and the platform takes it from there. It uses cutting edge algorithmic trading automations to detect whether the value of Bitcoin will rise or fall and executes the trade.

The Goal

Trevor’s primary goal here is to help catapult cash-strapped South African’s into a comfortable financial situation and as such he only takes a small percentage of users profits. If the user makes a loss, he gets absolutely nothing out of his investment. Initial results have been promising with most users coming out with profits ranging from R25,000.00 to R175,000.00 within 7 days of signing up.

“If your system automatically makes profitable trades with Bitcoin, why not just keep it for yourself and get rich?” asked CNN reporter Catherine Armstrong after the show aired.

Good question, replied Trevor. Simply put, I am not using this as an opportunity to make more money for myself. My primary aim here is to spread wealth. While I don’t expect to lose money, I also don’t expect to make a killing. I DO plan to make a killing for South African’s who have highly limited opportunities to become wealthy.

Demonstration of how it woks

Trevor went as far as to demonstrate the system in action during the show. It took him less than three minutes to log in, set the auto-trader live and process a profitable trade.

During his demonstration, he actually went as far as to deposit the initial starting amount of $250 (R3,200). After the deposit was made, the platform went to work by automatically placing limit orders on his investment. Within 3 minutes, he had successfully increased his initial funds to $312.14. That’s a profit of $62.14 or R850.00 in three minutes.

“To say I’m excited about Bitcoin Revolution would be an understatement. I have not found a simpler or more profitable way to make money online. I have zero investment experience so the fact that I was able to execute a profitable trade live and on the air means that anyone can do it.” Trevor said.

Out of the dozen or so South African’s who have been allowed to participate in the program so far, all have been blown away by how easy it was to make money. The platform handles all of the trades automatically and because the price of Bitcoin is quite volatile, there are numerous opportunities to profit.

“Bitcoin is making waves right now and if someone like me, a comedian without a college education, can make money from it, then anyone can. I’m excited to get my fellow South Africans on board. I’m going to do everything in my power to make this accessible to as many people as possible.” Trevor continued.

After finishing this last sentence, Trevor glanced down at his laptop, laughed out loud and said: “I’ve gone up to $398.42 after just 8 minutes”.

Who should benefit

At this point, the audience members were shouting out at Trevor, trying to find out how they could get started. They were soon to be left very disappointed. Trevor took a serious tone and explained the wealth situation in South Africa. He explained that a corrupt government coupled with high taxes and fuel prices put a lot of pressure on the average person.

The answer is “no”. I won’t be opening this up to you all. I love you – I really do – but my peeps down in Africa need me on this.

The audience was clearly disappointed but seemed to understand when Trevor put things simply.

They need it more than you do right now. Trust me. My plan is to go global with Bitcoin Revolution and at that point you guys will be the first to know.