Casino Security

Page Updated: 2nd April 2014

Online Casino Security

Your First Visit to an Online Casino?

Casino security had to be introduced into the casino’s infrastructure, mostly because of those who wish to cheat the casino out of their money, to stop introducing false money into the casino, stop certain categories of people from entering the casinos such as underage customers, drunk customers and drugged customers.

Casino security is not just working around the cashier but from an army of miniature cameras on the sealing which is called the “eye in the sky” to the players sitting at the machines, there are teams of security keeping an eye on everything.

Security cameras, even if they are not seen at the roulette tables, blackjack tables or the slot machines, are there and you can be assured of the fact that you are constantly being watched.

Security guards are trained professionals with the role to protect you and other gamblers from potential threats, or just to maintain a quiet atmosphere in the casino lounge.

Indeed online gambling is a stressful activity, mostly when you are losing and without you being aware of the fact that your actions are bothering someone else, the security are trained to deal with the situation.

Dealers have access to emergency security services at their demand, to be 100% sure that every imminent threat is eliminated instantly.

Of course in your own home there is no eye in the sky, and no one is watching directly over your shoulder while your bets are being placed, but the gambling activity can be traced either way.

And after all, with the casino’s policy which says that they are entitled to select their customers, the potential client who is winning all the time, might not be let into the casino again.

Before subscribing to an online casino or sportsbook, it is worth your while to check the terms and conditions, where it is usually determined what categories or nationalities of people are forbidden to play at the casino. If you are not sure, it is recommended that you consult your local authority before placing any bets.