Is the Casino Genuine

How to tell if a casino is genuine

Many people will at one stage look for an online casino whether newbies or professionals. For newbies, the quest will be to find an online casino where they can place their bets while for professionals, the quest will be to look for an online casino with the best odds and or good promotional offers and bonuses. As such, the internet becomes the go-to place for these people.

Fortunately and unfortunately at the same time, the internet will return back hundreds of online casinos. It’s not every online casino that pops up on the search results that is genuine and safe to play, some are genuine such as and some are fake. It, therefore, becomes the task of yours to decipher which one should you play at and which one should you avoid. To help you in deciphering this, keep in mind the following.

Registration requirements

One of the most important steps you need to do to check if your chosen casino is genuine or not is to attempt to sign up. Genuine online casinos will require that you share some of your personal information with them when signing up including identification and proof of residence. This can be quite boring for those looking to head in straight to play casino games but it’s a necessary requirement as it protects you from inconveniences. There are some online casinos that do not require personal information at registration though genuine. However, it’s always a good thing to go for the one which requires you to share your personal information at registration.


Licensing is another good indicator of whether an online casino is good or bad. Normally, licensing information is found on the bottom of the site homepage including the license number and the governing body that issued the license, for instance, Kahnawake, Isle of Man, Malta Gambling Authority, and the UK Gambling Commission. For high rollers, it’s also advisable to check with the governing body if indeed the casino holds a license from them before you deposit lots of money.


Playing at an online casino means you are entrusting the casino with your money and your personal information if you share your personal information at registration. As such, you need to play at an online casino that is secure and safe. To know if the casino is secure, it has to use the 128 or 256-bit encryption. What these encryptions do is that they turn the information you give to the casino into strings unbreakable code meaning the casino won’t be able to decipher your personal information. You can tell if an online casino uses 128 or 256-bit encryption by checking for the ‘https’ in front of the website on the toolbar, if there is an ‘https’ prefix, it means the casino has an SSL certificate therefore safe and secure to play.

Cross check the casino on TST

TST is a company that all online casinos have to register with to ensure they offer fair games. TST tests the following before registering a casino, game and mathematics evaluations, live dealer and sportsbooks evaluations, random number generator evaluations, and poker system audit. Once you see an online casino registered with TST, then it’s safe to say it’s a genuine casino.