Politics is a Gamble

There are so many different slot games out there, it makes you wonder if there’s any subject too serious that it won’t get turned into an online slots game. Surely politics would be a bridge too far, you say. Nobody would dare make a game that lampoons the growing political unrest and danger of nuclear war brewing between America and North Korea? It will probably not surprise you to hear that, yes, that is actually a game that really exists but it’s hardly the only example of gambling taking a cheeky poke at the serious world of government authority.

Trump VS Clinton

During what was probably the most vitriolic and ferociously vicious campaign in American political history, with Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump forever at each other’s throats and trading barbed insults the whole time through, one company saw the way the election threatened to tear their country apart and thought… hmmm. This would make a good slot game! With a selection of presidents both past and present, the game itself features George Washington, John F. Kennedy and both Bill and Hilary Clinton as key players in the game as well as the slogan “Make Slots Great Again.” It’s not subtle, but it definitely gets the point across.

Dictator Slot

If you’re the kind of person who can find humour in the atrocities of world leaders throughout history, then this is the slot for you! Focusing on some of the most infamous dictators to have ever lived including Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro and Josef Stalin, the slot game is plenty of fun by itself but with a pronounced sense of gallows humour. The bonus modes feature such highlights as Kim Jong Un launching nukes at the reels and landing the Hitler bonus by getting his face three times that allows you to ‘shoot’ another dictator. What’s not to love about a game that focuses on the various war-crimes of histories most infamous despots?

Rocket Men

The most recent entry and probably the most flat out dangerous, Rocket Men focuses on Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un’s current head to head over nuclear weapons. While most people consider this situation a terrifying, nightmarish scenario that they would hope to be reserved for a dystopian 80’s movie, at least one developer saw an opportunity to turn the entire debacle into a slot game. With radioactive hamburgers and the heads of both states squaring off on the reels, it’d be easy for Red Tiger Gaming to rest on their laurels but instead they added as many features and digs at the two leaders as they could manage with features like:-

– Don’s Driving Range, where the 47th president of the United States uses his golf club to swing a ball and take off as many losing symbols on a reel as he can.

– Kim’s little game sees the supreme leader of North Korea firing nukes at the reels to add wilds to the mix

– And, finally, Party Time, which features Don slapping posterior’s as a means to gain a bonus.