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Page Updated: 12th May 2014

Big B Casinos guide to Online Bingo and Online Bingo Halls

Online Bingo and land based bingo happens to be one of the most well known gambling games in the world. Many people associate bingo with their grandparents or with their local church, but thanks to the internet this game has gone far beyond its beginnings and right into the 21st century. But to accurately talk about this game coming into the 21st century you need to first know a little bit about the history of the game. Believe it or not the game can be tracked all the way back to 1530 to an Italian lottery called Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia, which incidentally is still played in Italy today. From Italy the game was introduced to France in the 1770’s followed by the Germans joining in on the fun in the 1800’s, but they used it as a child’s game to help with their schooling. The game didn’t reach the United States until about 1929 and become known as Beano. This game was first played in Atlanta, but got its current name from a New York toy salesman, who renamed it Bingo online after he overheard someone call out Bingo instead of Beano by mistake.

All the basics that you need to know about the game is the rules, which are very simple. To play the game simply buy a card or some cards and listen to or watch the numbers that are being called; once you hear the number that has been called, look at your card(s) and mark it if you have it. Online bingo halls take that into their own hands, they mark your cards for them. This comes in handy, however if you would rather mark the cards for yourself that is possible, and if you happen to miss a number the computer will check your cards before the game is over to double check everything.

Today, bingo is a multimillion dollar a year phenomenon and has built an unbelievable player base from all over the world. In many online bingo halls today they offer games that will blow the minds of basic bingo players. Progressive jackpot bingo is now available as well as games that allow the players in their game to chat with each other while the computer does all the playing for them. In the last five hundred years the game of ‘Bingo’ has come from being played by a few Frenchmen to being played by millions of people from around the world everyday.

You can play Online Bingo at any of the Casinos below.

Bingo Liner



Bingo Liner is a very big part of the online gambling community, and have brought online bingo into the main stream gambling world. They are powered by LeapFrog software that is known for their innovations in gaming all over the world. This site not only offers outstanding bingo games but they also offer games like Video Poker, Slots and Progressive Jackpots. They offer state of the art technology which includes walk and chat software that allows each player to pick their own avatar while in the bingo hall. All of this makes Bingo Liner an amazing place to come and play with all their friends.

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Bingo Hall



As you probably already know, bingo has become one of the most popular games in the gambling world. The game is very easy to play, just buy the tickets you want and find the game that you want and you are ready to play. There are two main types of bingo that are played at this bingo hall, 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo each one will satisfy your bingo urges. They also offer some other games so that if you are waiting for a game to start, you can pass the time while playing one of the other games like Slots or Keno.

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Giggle Bingo



Registration at Giggle Bingo is like saying 1,2,3, – there is no software to download so you will be up and running in no time. As a new player at Giggle Bingo you will receive up to 1,100% in welcome bonuses over your first three deposits – There is also a special game/bonus/promotion for every day of the week just to make things more exciting.

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