The Evolution of PlayStation Consoles

Let’s take a quick look back at all the brilliance that has been done by Sony Entertainment when it comes to PlayStation devices. Since Sony launched its PlayStation brand in 1994, the company has been on a winning row. They have gone on to release four major consoles. And the beauty part is that none of them were duplicates but rather, unique devices that carry some refreshing designs. However, the PlayStation division now presents 78 percent of Sony’s profits. And players should be ready for some marvelous news before we close down the curtains in 2019. The company is releasing a Pro system in November. Therefore, we reckon we should just take a stroll back down the memory lane and have an appreciation of all the PlayStation consoles that have graced the gaming entertainment industry.

PS One

We were all amazed when PS One was released back in 2000. This was the first PlayStation console that Sony introduced. And everyone was just amazed by the graphics and the designs that it carries. Even though it was a very small device, it featured some redesigned chassis that was much rounder. At the same time, it also received an updated graphical user interface.

PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2 became the best-selling console when it was first released in Japan on March 4 2000. Selling more than 155 million units over a 12-year span. This device is a part of the sixth generation of consoles and it also competed with Dreamcast Nintendo’s Game Cube, as well as Microsoft Xbox. What simply made this console popular was that it produced over 2,000 games and players just fell in love with that. Imagine enjoying over 2,000 online casino games for real money through Isn’t it amazing? Moreover, the PlayStation 2 was the first one to support USB ports, along with DualShock 2.

PlayStation 3 Super Slim

The PlayStation 3 Super Slim hit the market in September 2012. This was Sony’s second design revision to one of its main consoles. On PlayStation 3, Sony went on to remove the front-slot loading disc tray. They replaced that with a sliding lid that covered the optical drive.

PlayStation 4 Pro

The PS4 Pro was launched in November 2016. And since then, it has remained at the prime of PlayStation consoles from Sony. PS4, which is compatible with online sports betting, carries Polaris graphics, as well as 4.2 teraflops of GPU performance. In addition, Sony made sure that this top-notch console capacitates 4k gaming capabilities.