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Page Updated: 27th November 2014

Introduction to Online Poker and Online Poker Rooms

Even though there are many different games to choose from when gambling, one of the most well known and most popular type is poker and especially online poker. Millions of people around the world know the game, its many variations and how much fun can be had. As many people know there are as many variations of the game as there are different people playing it, this is why it was just a phenomenon when poker came to the internet; this way players can play with a concrete set of rules and other players who are only playing by those rules. The game has been around for as long as anyone can remember and is famous for being “the” game in the old west. Well in all actuality the game of poker is thought to have evolved over more than ten centuries from different games that all involve the same basic principals.

You will find poker in just about every Hotel and Casino in licensed areas. Poker tables are full of characters and you can often see legends in the making. People wearing glasses to hide their giveaway eye movements, and people wearing nothing more than a bland look that makes them look stupid, but believe me, they are far from stupid. It’s a whole new culture, a whole new way of life.

The basics of the game are simple, they depend on ranked card combinations and who gets the better ranking cards in their hand. It seems that continents all over the world have helped in the evolution of the game that we know today. The Egyptians in the 12th and 13th century are known to have used an early form of playing cards and in the 16th century ‘Treasure Cards’ were use for a variety of betting games. So it is safe to say that ever since there have been any form of cards there has been a form of the game that we all know today as poker. In the mid 1800’s a man named Jonathan Green made one of the earliest written references to poker; in the writing he referred to the game as a cheating game played on Mississippi riverboats. The game we know today has come to be what it is from many different influences, without all of them we wouldn’t have what we do today, which is now played by millions of people everyday.

Though Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game right now, there are several other famous types of poker that people play each day including 5 Card Draw, 7 Card Stud and Omaha. All of these games and more can be found at any one of the thousands of online poker rooms are buzzing with excitement everyday.

Those who prefer to gamble from the comfort of their own home, or who are a novice to the game, are able to play table poker with the minimum amount of risk at their own pace until such time as they are comfortable enough to enter the higher roller games.

You can play Online Poker at any of the Casinos below.

Carbon Poker


Carbon Poker offers the best online poker experience for USA players

Carbon Poker is the most respected and longest established skin on the Merge Gaming Network – having been in operation since 2006 and joining the network in 2007. Carbon Poker has grown into one of the biggest US facing online poker sites by offering players a fair gaming platform, a secure playing environment and a lucrative VIP program to reward players who remain loyal to the site. The Merge Network has become well known for their bad beat jackpot which often hits six-figures. To qualify for the bad beat jackpot the losing hand must at least be quad sevens and the winning hand quad eights.

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Party Poker Room



Party Poker are digital entertainment plc, the world’s largest listed online gaming business created by the merger of bwin and PartyGaming in March 2011. Licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner under the Gambling Act 2005, their games are powered by the systems which are independently tested to ensure that our games operate correctly.They offer a variety of easy deposit options and guarantee fast cash outs. All payment processing transactions are transmitted by, and stored in, their secure, proprietary Pay-Pro cashier system. Additionally for your protection. their systems perform random security checks and other log-file reviews to maintain system integrity and fairness at the tables. If we find any players participating in collusion or deceptive practices, we will close their accounts immediately.

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32 Red Poker



The 32Red Poker Room is licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and is located and operated from the British Overseas Territory. 32Red Poker is part of the Microgaming Poker Network, which has over 500,000 registered players where you can expect plenty of action at the tables with tournaments starting just about every minute. You have two choices in which to access poker at 32 Red Poker, your first option is by accepting their fully downloadable poker platform, this is one of the more preferred ways of playing thanks to the many player adjustable features which this platform offers. Alternatively, play via their instant play poker platform, this is played via your internet browser and uses flash technology as the engine that makes it tick. Both of these options give you access to the same table games and tournaments as both utilize Microgamings software package which is a firm favourite with millions of online poker players.

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Royal Vegas Poker



Royal Vegas Poker is the sister of Royal Vegas Casino, which tells players that they are first of all an established poker room who they can rely on. They offer their players a generous sign on bonus, as well as promotions that go on all the time. All of this is just a small prefix to the real attraction of poker room, the games. Only the most action packed games are available including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 5 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud. Players can take advantage of the games either by playing them on a normal table or by playing them in the tournaments that are going on each day; there are variations of limits on all of the tournaments being played. All of the best and most secure payment options are available as well as the friendliest customer support team in the industry, its one stop shopping at Royal Vegas Poker, players get everything they want or need.

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Bodog Poker



Founded in 1994, is registered and licensed in the Caribbean nation of Antigua. Bodog Antigua holds the exclusive license to the Bodog brand used in Canada. Bodog’s exciting and fast-growing multi-player online poker community features Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7-Card Stud, 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo and 5-Card Stud. For several of the games they offer three different game types: No Limit, Pot Limit, and Fixed Limit. The game type you choose will decide the amount you are able to bet each turn for each betting round. For players not familiar with online poker, we recommend starting out in lower limit games to get used to the software and the game action. Bodog has plenty of tournaments too and you can play in our sit and go, multi-table and even our WSOP qualifiers.

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