The History of Roulette

Spin the wheel and see if lady luck has your back! Roulette is one of those games that has captured the imagination of hundreds of gamblers with its easy to understand concept and fair approach to gambling, leaving everything up to chance.

Whether you play it at a brick and mortar casino or you’re more a fan of online roulette at Betfair, you can be sure of a great game – but have you ever wondered why some wheels have one zero space and some have two? It’d be easy to assume it’s just the casino owners tipping the odds in their favour but in truth it was actually quite the opposite.

Two brothers in Germany opened a casino but found they were struggling to stand out amid the sea of other venues and so they offered enhanced odds to their players by having only a single zero. However, when large scale bans of gambling, casinos and (importantly) roulette began to hit, the brothers moved to Monaco and brought their single zero wheel with them.

Since then, it’s been the staple of the Monte Carlo casinos as opposed to the Double 00 wheels used in America!

For more fun history of the wheel, check out the graphic below from Betfair:

The History of Roulette