Casino Banking

If you are like millions of other players on the internet that have run into problems using their credit cards at online casinos, this page if for you.

The Big B Casinos Casino Banking Guide will take the confusion regarding banking, payment options and acceptability right out of the online gambling experience. This is a great source of information about alternative payment options and summary of the alternatives to using credit cards. The service that we recommend the most is Neteller, this is not only our own preferred method but the casinos like it and they reward their Neteller players with some awesome bonuses. Simply because we recommend Neteller doesn’t mean that we think the other options are less efficient we just this Neteller is a wonderful rewarding choice to make.

Neteller for all your online Banking

A range of online payment options include:

  • ACHAutomated Clearing House (ACH) is a nationwide electronic funds transfer (EFT) system that provides for the inter-bank clearing of credit and debit transactions and for the exchange of information among participating financial institutions.
  • Click2PayClick2pay facilitates simple and secure online money transfer. Signup for free, choose from dozens of funding options and make instant payments at thousands of websites.
  • CitadelCitadel Commerce is one of the most recognized and trusted payment processing brands in the e-commerce payments industry. Citadel is government regulated and adheres to the data and privacy protection.
  • Gaming Card – PaySpark combines financial solutions from the 4 corners of the globe on your PC, offering users an efficient and cost effective means of financial exchange in both the real and virtual world.
  • Moneybookers/Skrill – The Skrill Digital Wallet offers the safety and convenience of online payments with only an email address and password. Welcome to the next generation of online payments.
  • Neteller – See below for Neteller services or (CLICK HERE) to visit the Website

Neteller is a secure system used to send and receive funds electronically over the internet. It is very easy to use and the cost is considerably lower than its competition.

How do I withdraw money using Neteller? There are two answers to this question:

  1. First if you are located in the United States, you can transfer funds to your bank account that you have linked with the Neteller account which takes 2 to 4 business days; or you can ask for a draft that costs $1 and takes 2 days for processing.
  2. Second, if you are out of the United States you can request funds from Neteller by check. This process takes 1 to 6 days, check being sent by regular mail cost $1 or can be sent through FedEx overnight for an additional fee. If you happen to live in Canada you can withdraw funds to your Canadian bank account with Canadian or United States funds.

Also if you live out side of the US but have a US bank account you can transfer your funds to that bank account.

There are some fees to use Neteller to withdrawal from the casino, but they are lower than much of their competition. When you withdraw with this service it is 2% of the amount, but only usually takes about 15 minutes to get the money, compared to days this is an outstanding time frame.

Possibly the best part about using Neteller as a method of deposit into online casinos is the way that they reward you. Using Neteller earns a certain amount of respect from casinos because they love the service. They love the service because it is easy for them and easy for their players to use. As an incentive to use Neteller as a deposit methods most casinos out there offer some outstanding bonuses in addition to the welcome bonus they might already offer. Keep in mind that some of the other options listed above also bring bonuses to their players for using them but none of them are as widely accepted and respected as Neteller is. There is almost non casino left online that doesn’t offer their Neteller players at least an extra 15% (much more on some occasions) bonus to deposit and play. The level of the bonus is one reason why so many people decide to use this service. The bonuses are much better with Neteller and players see that as one of the biggest benefits among the many for using this service.

It is easy to open a Neteller account, simply go to their homepage and click on the new account button and follow the onscreen instructions. The process is very quick and once you have attached a bank account to the account you are ready to play for, win and receive real money payouts. There are several ways to fund a Neteller account including electronic transfers, credit cards and bank wires, they vary in cost and time; simply pick the one that makes the most sense to you and you are on your way.

Finally players should know that they can contact customer support at Neteller by emailing them at with any questions or concerns.