Best Live Casino

The world of online casinos has definitely opened up the world to a host of Casino games that most ordinary people would not necessarily be exposed to in a Land Based environment. Recently online players have been introduced to the new concept of playing live casinos games. Naturally players need to do their homework when choosing to play such games in order to find the best live casino that suits their needs.

When playing live online games, players are given the opportunity to interact with both the dealer and the players depending on the game they choose to play. This is essentially the best way in which thrill seekers will be able to experience live play from the comfort of your own home.

A live dealer game is just that – On the other side of your iPod, iPhone or Android you have a human dealer with a webcam focused on them as well as the table for live streaming. These Casinos are licensed for this purpose which means that these dealers are in the particular Casino.

Traditional online casinos use software with a random number generator program for their games, whereas a live dealer Casino offers games that are physically shuffled and cards dealt by a dealer who you could in most cases chat to via your computer.

There are a number of Software providers, and due to this fact you will find that each Casino that runs off a different Software will provide perhaps the same game, but with variations. The most popular games at this stage in “Live Dealer Casinos” are Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat.