Fun Ways to Bet On Sports

There are quite a number of serious sports bettors that spend most of their time visiting online sportsbooks to place their bets. We are not in disagreement that online sports betting brings all the much needed fun when it comes to gambling for real money.

But sometimes there is no need for you to go online and bet numerous sportsbooks. Rather it will be fun to bet on sports with your friends and relatives.

There are quite a number of good things that come with betting with your friends than with an online sportsbook. Betting on sports top online sports betting sites with your friends adds social interaction that online sportsbooks can’t match.

But of the deciding factors when it comes to sports betting with friends is that. This practice is not so well organized. But there are quite a number of ways that you can include so that you can have in the process.

Have A March Madness Sports Betting Pool

It is very unfortunate that at australian casinos there is no march madness pool. But you can make use of that chance when you are gathering with your friends to include it when you are betting on sports.

However, most people who bet on sports with their friends usually use the March Madness betting pool. A simple way to start a March Madness pool is by using a bracket format. This format sees participants select the winner of each and every game.

Bidding Pool

Those participating in the betting activity will place their bids to get different teams from the tournament. Therefore it means the higher the seed, more participants are willing to bid. In this one the host will collect all of the bid money which will then goes into the prize pool. In most cases bidding pools can either feature one winner who will select the champion, or multiple winners who will then select the final four schools.