5 Million Dollar High Five Tournament

5 Million Dollar High Five Tournament

The 5 Million Dollar High Five Tournament is on your doorstep. So start making you way through, before you know it, seats will be taken and the game is on.

Just to give you another run down of what you can expect. The Tournament is booked to run from September 10th to the 29th 2019 and it’s four times bigger with $5,000,000 in guarantees.

You’ll have 100 chances to smoke the competition in their 420 friendly series. There will be five added tourneys a day for 20 straight days. This will also include three $420,000 Main Events on Sunday September 15th, 22nd and 29th (all 4pm ET starts).

And per usual, they have set aside your 10-minute “courtesy break” every day at 4:20 pm ET. Use this time to grab a bite, get some fresh air, or simply just relax.

High Five Tournament Series highlights

1. $5 Million in total guaranteed prize pools
2. 100 tournaments over 20 days (5 per day)
3. $420,000 GTD Main Event on September 15th, 22nd and 29th
4. 10-minute “courtesy” break every day at 4:20pm ET

If this whets your appetite, then why not take yourself down to the Poker Room and just have a little look around at CLICK HERE. If this particular Tournament does not hold much for you, there are plenty other that we are sure will.